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Check out the big movers of the day with our Market Movers section which lists the top steamers (horses being well backed) and top drifters (horses showing lack of support in the market) as well as price movements in every race. The ATR Index is influenced by a range of factors including the market share of the horse, the change in the market share and how many fixed odds bookmakers offer that price.

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The "last price" shown is the last recorded price before races enter the "live show" stage when odds tend to fluctuate more erractically.

Non-runners affect the odds in different ways. When a short-priced favourite becomes a non-runner, the odds for the rest of the market will naturally shorten. When an outsider becomes a non-runner this will have a marginal affect on the market and prices tend to remain the same. We take these reduction factors into account when displaying market movers and give an indication of the percentages that may be involved by marking affected horses in the summary (*).

The bookmaker offering the last recorded best price is displayed in the column on the right, however please note: Whilst every effort is made to ensure odds are up to date and correct, differences between these and actual odds available from bookmakers at time of placing a bet may occur. AT THE RACES is not liable for any services offered by its bookmaker partners.

Summary - All Meetings | Tuesday 23rd May 2017

Top 10 Steamers
Horse Name Race Last Price 1st Show Mov ATR Index Graphical Swing Bet / Result
Fortuities Ncs 15:40 7/1 7.5/1 6.67% 55 (%)
Top 10 Drifters
Horse Name Race Last Price 1st Show Mov ATR Index Graphical Swing Bet / Result
The Armed Man Ncs 16:40 5/1 4/1 25% 237
Master Singer Ncs 15:40 0.62/1 0.57/1 8.77% 197 (%)
Omran Ncs 16:10 1.1/1 1/1 10% 183
Duke Of North Bgh 17:50 2.25/1 2/1 12.5% 172
Faintly Ncs 14:40 4/1 3.5/1 14.29% 160
Rainbow Orse Ntt 17:00 2.5/1 2.25/1 11.11% 138 (%)
Gannicus Bgh 15:50 14/1 11/1 27.27% 127
Hamidans Girl Ncs 17:10 2.75/1 2.5/1 10% 124
Muzaahim Ncs 14:10 5/1 4.5/1 11.11% 111
Kafeel Bgh 16:50 1.88/1 1.75/1 7.43% 107

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